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~ True Crime Stories straight from the original “Abby” ~
Catherine DeYoung tells about her life in crime (crime scenes, that is) in her book,
Life in the Trenches: A Retrospective.

Life In The Trenches: A Retrospective with kit 

Ride along with Catherine DeYoung and see what it’s really like behind the crime scene tape.

Life in the Trenches: A Retrospective is a fun, sarcastic, and honest glimpse into the scenes hidden behind the police barrier tape. Ride along with Catherine as she shares her experiences as a crime scene investigator and other adventures as she investigates life in the big city. You’ll see why detectives always call her, Abby,
-but her supervisor calls her, Trouble-

Includes over 80 of Catherine’s favorite stories and more than 50 of her personal photographs roaming the streets exploring life on the fringes- from a prostitute smoking crack through a car antenna, to riding along with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies while they conduct various task forces throughout the city.

To protect the identity of victims and suspects, little details have been changed and or identifying information omitted. In old-school police fashion, some information has been redacted with the infamous black box.

Fun Fact: Rumor has it that Catherine inspired a certain character on a certain popular crime scene television show when Hollywood writers came to the crime lab to observe while developing the show.

*Please note that these are stories about real crime scenes: Contains some strong language.
Some readers may find content disturbing.

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