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~ True Crime Stories straight from the original “Abby” ~
Catherine DeYoung tells about her life in crime (crime scenes, that is) in her book,
Life in the Trenches: My Stories.

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Ride along with Catherine DeYoung and see what it’s really like behind the crime scene tape.

Life in the Trenches: My Stories is a fun, sarcastic, and honest glimpse into the scenes hidden behind the police barrier tape. Ride along with Catherine as she shares her experiences as a crime scene investigator and other adventures as she investigates life in the big city. You’ll see why detectives always call her, Abby,
-but her supervisor calls her, Trouble-

To protect the identity of victims and suspects, little details have been changed and or identifying information omitted. In old-school police fashion, some information has been redacted with the infamous black box.

Fun Fact: Rumor has it that Catherine inspired a certain character on a certain popular crime scene television show when Hollywood writers came to the crime lab to observe while developing the show.

*Please note that these are stories about real crime scenes: Contains some strong language.
Some readers may find content disturbing.

Available at:
BookWoman | http://www.ebookwoman.com/
Amazon | https://www.amazon.com/Life-Trenches-adventures-investigator-photographer/dp/1532798601