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Police search suspected drug dealerPIR, Suspected drug dealer being searched by officers, Narcotics Task Force, McArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA

Life In The Trenches: A Retrospective

Life in the Trenches: A Retrospective


Life In The Trenches: My Stories

Life in the Trenches: My Stories

A fun, sarcastic, and honest glimpse into the scenes hidden behind the police barrier tape. Ride along with Catherine as she shares her experiences as a crime scene investigator and other adventures as she investigates life in the big city. You’ll see why the detectives call her, Abby,
-but her supervisor calls her, Trouble

Life In The Trenches: A Retrospective is a special edition of Catherine’s stories which also contains a bonus retrospective of over 50 of her personal photographs roaming the streets exploring life on the fringes- from a prostitute smoking crack through a car antenna, to conducting special task forces with
local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies while they conduct various task forces throughout the city.

*No crime scene evidence photos are included in the gallery.
(They would be considered evidence)

Life In The Trenches: My Stories contains over eighty of Catherine’s favorite crime scene stories and stories from prior to her “life in crime” and about her path getting there.

Disambiguation: Life in the Trenches: A Retrospective, contains the same stories
as the blue “story only” edition, Life in the Trenches: My Stories.

*Please note that these are stories about real crime scenes: Contains some strong language.
Some readers may find content disturbing.